YouTube Live Stream

Here is what i like to do!!!! This is one of my MANY live broadcasts from my YouTube channel (


For many, this may seem a little (just a tad) long and drawn out. this is LONGER than i would typically like to stream my videos for, but at the same time I’m not a fan of societies limits on how long Music should be. i don’t feel like there should be limits put on artwork, especially if you want said artwork to be GREAT!!! for most of the videos before this one, i tried to limit them to around 30 minute. Not going to lie, I did it as a precursor to starting this website attempting to create instrumentals for people over Skype, but i digress.

its VERY important you get an excellence baseline set up in your production workflow, and don’t mean what MUST low frequencies. i personal;y notice that if i don’t go back after i have an idea and fix and align my notes the way they should be, i will have to work even harder later down the line trying to figure where the problem is when notes don’t match up perfectly. for this reason i spent over 10 minutes on that first thought before i added anymore instruments to the project.

Strings are some of my favorite elements to add to my productions. one of my deepest desires is to conduct my own orchestra one day and, although i am far from it, i can pretend can’t i??

Drums are what define this piece as a hiphop track, to me. for most of my work, its up in the air as to what genre of song it is until the drums drop and even still with some drum beats it can go multiple ways.


i hope yall really enjoy.

and follow me on youtube for more live broadcasts.


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