why am i here…

Though I created this “website” back in 2017, my grand idea of what it should become never took flight. Wrapped up in my ego, lacking total respect for any and everything deemed “web-page design”, and convinced i needed to build a website, not “another stupid music blog”, I paid for a domain, and a (cheap) year subscription to WordPress. Fueled by nothing more than Millennial Willpower, I threw up some crudely taken and edited pictures of figurines that adorned my desk (more disrespect for entire industry), found some stock photos of the equipment I used, posted very opinionated dribble regarding what I felt like producers should be doing and thinking, BUT ran into a very abrupt roadblock when i discovered I had to embed audio tracks from outside music players for my music to be heard. I am fairly certain that I lost interest almost immediately. My grand dreams were kind of locked behind a pay wall that i was not willing to cross and it was probably for the best.

I know what i was going to do. I was going to sink a lot of money into “advancing” myself past the basics only to have to go back and actually learn what it was that was felt i was too knowledgable to read the first time.

Actually, it was a good thing that life happened the way that it did. Having already spent quite a bit of money on Hardware and plugins, as i stated, I was not really in a position to sink the amount of money they wanted into a full website. The alternatives were not bad, hosting the media else where and embedding it like everyone else, but this was and is a bit of a dilemma for me.

My intention was to have this website be where all the media was, maybe have some on Youtube, but really have this be the primary location for all of it. From here, I would be selling my services as an engineer, my beats as a producer, space for artist that i work with to post their (our content). Videos and tutorials. In my mind i was trying to create and operate a rather professional looking online recording company, collaborative – really an entertainment production company. In many ways I still am.

I ended up going back and reading over the manuals I tossed aside, and i am still reading them. I have not lost sight of my vision, but along the way i lost all my discipline. “begin with the end in mind”. And so with the End Game fresh in my mind, I make an attempt to do this right. The blog that i was too prideful to acknowledge. Though the goal is to quickly turn this blog into a website, I am willing to crawl before I sprint.

This endeavor will be broken down into three parts

…the direction…

Get into the habit of “blogging” regularly, rapidly expanding into video blogs with audio examples.

Collaborate with other artists, locally and abroad, documenting the encounters in an effort to create, market, and grow the recording label.

Expanding the the recording label into a full blown entertainment production company.

I feel for what i want to do everything should be built organically.

The end result is to provide these services to other artist so that they will be able to have their own space to express themselves and how they interpret music: Webpage design, Music Production, Film Scoring, Audio and Film Post Production, and even a bit of marketing.

thanks for making it this far Keep an eye out for Collaboration requests and contact me section! .

Let’s build something together.