We always want to work with others!

There is no better way to grow and excel as an Artist or Producer than with others that are striving to obtain the the same goals and dreams as you are. We here at Desensitized Audio want to formally extend an invitation to all artist and producers, around the world, to collaborate with us and help grow as artist but as people.

Drop us a quick message with your name and contact details, along with your genre and anything else that might be relevant!


Beats and Instrumentals

Browse our selection of unique loops, beats, and instrumentals. Perfect to start your album with that creative spark or to finish off your album that maybe 1 or two songs too short.

Mixing and Mastering

Make you tracks sparkle with that final polish so your fans hear every word clearly. Bring the entire album in for a mastering session that will make you feel like you are hearing your tracks for the first time!

Hosting for Creators

We are always looking for Artist and Producers to add to the team! Join Desensitized Audio and have your own place to post all your created content to share with the world!